Things are winding down….

I got home from my big trip last Sunday night and everything went just fine.  Overall, I added about 600 miles to the truck moving around taking photos over the 12 days I was on the road.  The little trailer worked out great and really made it easy to move from one location to the next.  I’m afraid that I am getting spoiled in my older years.

I started out by going up to Winchester, Ohio where I joined a 3 day wagon train that ended up at Grooms’ Glen-Dale Park for their big Draft Horse weekend.  We had more “incidents” on that ride than any ride I have ever been on.  We had 7-8 wagons on the ride.  Of course the company was great, but the weather was everywhere from great to miserable, all in the course of 3 days.   I wound up with about 1,250 photos from that wagon train.

I stayed at Grooms’ for the weekend event and took a lot of photos, especially of the field work which is my favorite type of event.  I also took a lot of photos of their Sunday show for a total of about 2,300 photos from the weekend.  My calendar sales didn’t go very well mainly because of the weather on Saturday that kept most of the general public away.  It  was a very cold, windy day.  Although I did honor my commitment to give a portion of the proceeds to Dale and Glenna in support of the show, I am out several hundred dollars and have a lot of 2012 calendars left over.  I doubt that I will try that again!

From the Grooms show on Sunday afternoon, I drove about 150 miles down to the camp of the Kentucky Trailblazers which is near Shelbyville, Kentucky about 30 miles east of Louisville.  I got there right about dark and left with them on their 5 day wagon train on Monday morning.  There were 18 wagons that left their camp to travel east about 100 miles to Renfro Valley where the big Harvest Festival was being held.  Most of the ride was on little back roads where there was no cell phone service and fewer people.  We had great weather and the company was outstanding.  By the time we arrived at Renfro Valley, there were 31 wagons and the group had swelled to well over 100 people.  I had a great time and took over 4,000 photos along the way.

I stayed at Renfro Valley with the group and enjoyed visiting all of the booths and exhibits.  I especially enjoyed the bluegrass music that was on the big stage near the camping area.  I left to start home on Sunday morning after the 3 die-hards of the group started their trip back to Shelbyville in their wagons.  Everyone else loaded their horses into their trailers and took the easy way back home.  On the way home, I decided to make a stop in Paris, Kentucky at the farm managed by Homer Raders in order to get some Fall photos for the 2012 calendar that I am making up for Homer’s customers.  That side trip resulted in a few hundred more shots to add to the collection.

Once I got home on Sunday afternoon and I downloaded all of the photos I had taken, I had a total of about 7,760 photos to be processed.  Of course there are many of those that will never see the light of day as they aren’t that great.  So far, I have spent this week (between other family demands) reviewing, selecting, editing and posting the photos from the Ohio ride and from Grooms’ event out on the Internet.  I was about to start on the Renfro Valley photos today, but thought I would take a break to update the blog on what has been going on.

Right now, I only have one more weekend event scheduled.  It seems that there are a couple of groups planning rides for the weekend of Halloween coming up at the end of the month.  I had tentatively committed to go to ride down in Frankfort, Kentucky over that weekend, then I received a card in the mail inviting me to a ride by Phillip Hester in Mt. Olivet, Ky.  I am afraid that someone will not be happy with me if I don’t show up at their event, but there is little I can do about that.

Well, I have to get to work on the Renfro Valley photos as I have noticed folks coming to the website looking for them.  Somehow, I also have to get the grass cut today.  Maybe I can talk my wife into the need for exercise that the lawnmower can provide ……….


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