We’ve been awful busy…..

Golly, the month of September is quickly drawing to a close.  Just one more week to go and it will be October already.  I have been staying awful busy this month and there is a lot more still to come.

As I reported in my last post, I went down to the Tell City area of south central Indiana about 50 miles southwest of Louisville to join a wagon train.  The Southern Indiana Draft Horse and Mule Association was having their annual ride.  They left on Saturday morning and planned to ride up through the entire next week.  I got there on Friday afternoon and rode with them through the following Wednesday.  I left on Thursday morning after they left the campgrounds to start their Thursday ride.  Needless to say, I had a great time!  The weather was great with a little rain at night a couple of times.  The club members are all really nice and friendly and my friends Edith Conyers and Bonnie Mitsui were also part of the group. We crossed over the bridge into northern Kentucky on Wednesday morning and the group planned to ride down the Kentucky shore to Tell City where they would cross back over to Indiana.  The ride was very well organized and the food was great!  The new “chuck wagon” that the club members built last winter was very impressive.  I can’t wait until next year!!

I came home from the Indiana ride on Thursday and left again on Friday for a weekend ride down in Scott County, Kentucky being hosted by my long time friend Rob Stroub.  The Saturday weather was ideal and we rode about 20 miles.  The weather on Sunday changed drastically with lowered temperatures and overcast skies that promised rain at any time.  We got lucky, however, and didn’t get wet.  The highlight of the Sunday ride was a stop at Oliver and Molly Carroll’s farm to see the 10 new mule babies that Oliver had brought home from down in Alabama.

When I got home on Sunday, I had a total of about 3,400 photos to be reviewed, selected, edited, and moved to the Internet.  It wound up taking almost the entire week to get through everything and about 700 photos were added to the website from these two events.

I will be going down to Asbury College tomorrow for their annual Draft Animal day.  After that, I will be leaving early Wednesday to join a 3 day wagon train out in Ohio about 50 miles east of Cincinnati.  That event will end up a Grooms’ Glen-Dale Park on Friday for the start of their weekend field day and show.  When I leave there on Sunday afternoon, I will be heading for Shelbyville, Kentucky to join a week long wagon train that starts Monday morning and ends the following weekend in Renfro Vally for their big bluegrass festival.  This is a new event for me and I am looking forward to the ride.  Hopefully, I will get those photo all processed and online in the following week or two.


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