Vacation is over…..back to work….

We returned from our family vacation down in Derby, Indiana on the Ohio River.  We had a lot of fun and I thnk that all of the children and grandchildren did too.  They are all back in school now and the summer is starting to wind down.

I spent last weekend at Yount’s Antique Farm Show in Pleasureville, Kentucky.  The show included displays and demonstrations using old tractors and quite a few pieces of equipment powered by antique steam engines.  There was bluegrass music on Friday evening and there was a tractor pull on Saturday afternoon and evening.  It was a very interesting show and best of all, there was no charge to enter the grounds to see everything.

Members of the Kentucky Trail Blazers wagon club were camped on the grounds and had a wagon ride scheduled to start from the farm show on Saturday morning.  I was invited to join the group by my friends Homer Rader and Danny Crawford.  I took my new trailer down on Friday morning and stayed until early Sunday.  A small group of wagons left the farm show just after supper on Friday and took a 4 mile ride in the local area.  On Saturday, there were 10 wagons and we left the grounds at 9AM.  It is hard to judge, but we probably rode about 15 to 18 miles around Henry County on Saturday before returning to the farm show grounds.

As soon as we got back, I grabbed my camera and headed off to explore the grounds and see what other photos I could take.  I ran into Mike Shields who I hadn’t seen for a couple of years.  He told me he had been using his mules and had just finished doing some plowing demonstrations.  I told him that I would have liked to have gotten some photos.  Since his mules were still all harnessed, he grabbed his walking plow and the lines and we headed back over to the fields.  Mike started to do some plowing while I snapped away.

Among the spectators who gathered to watch Mike plow, there was a 5 year old boy who had on his cowboy hat and boots.  Mike asked him if he would like to try plowing.  The younster took the plow and Mike guided the mules while I snapped photos.  The youngster was tickled to be able to plow and Mike was just as happy showing the little guy how to do it.  He said that it makes his day whenever he gets the chance to show a younster how to work with the animals.  I had tears in my eyes watching the amount of time and effort he put into making sure the younster had a good time.

While Mike was plowing, Jim Mahan drove up on a little tractor he was using to provide rides for some of the children on the rounds.  I haven’t seen Jim in a few years and his health is not the best.  He has had replacement surgery for both knees and can’t get around very well anymore. However, he took up the lines to Mike’s mules and, as a joke, he had me take a couple of photos where it looked like he was actually plowing.  He wants me to send the photos to his wife.  We brought each other up to date about some of our common acquaintances for a few minutes before he moved on.

I then spent some time watching the tractor pull and was able to take some shots of the happenings to include on the website when I posted the photos from the weekend.

About 6PM, the club members set up a big pot luck supper with lots of different dishes provided by those who had ridden and others who just came to eat.  I was invited to eat with them and everyone was extrememly nice.  While we ate, the tractor pull was continuing on the track about 100 yards away.  Overall, I had a great time with this group.

My next big photographic adventure will be the National Plowing Contest at Carriage Hill Farm up in Huber Heights just north of Dayton, Ohio over the Labor Day weekend.  I communicated with Jim Butcher to ensure that I can bring my trailer up and camp there.  He indicated that it will be no problem and that he was looking forward to seeing me at their event.  I plan to set up near Mike Downs and his group so be sure to look me up if you are there.  Hopefully, everything will work out well with the weather and we will have a great weekend.

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