Mid-August … School starting already…

It’s almost mid-August here in southeastern Indiana and many schools around here are starting classes next week.  At least it looks like the long heat wave has finally ended.  We set the record for the most consecutive days with temperatures over 90 degrees F since records have been kept.  I think there were over 20 days with temperatures of 91 or higher.  The good part was that the grass went dormant and stopped growing.  We are getting away with only cutting it every 10 days or so and then only to trim the weeds that continue to grow.

We will be closing things down here at Conley’s Horse Photos later this week to take a few days off with our children, some friends and our grandchildren before the youngsters have to go back to school.  There are 10 of us (or more depending on who else shows up).  We’re  planning on going over to the other side of the state on the Ohio River for a nice long weekend.  We have a large home rented there and I am taking my boat so the kids can do some sking and tubing before their summer ends.  “She who must be obeyed” and I are staying a few more days after they return to the city.

We picked up the new travel trailer last Thursday and now have it parked here at the house.  It is pretty small, but it has everything I need.  Since I am the only one who will be using it most of the time, I don’t really want anything larger.  I spent last Friday and over the weekend going over everything and moving the things I normally took along on my trips into the trailer.  There was plenty of room and I still have three empty compartments to use for my clothes and last minute things.  It is basically ready for me to hook it up and head out.  The rear bunk has a big plain door with nothing on it so I ordered a large decal of the Conley’s Horse Photos logo photo to put on it.  It will be tricky to get it mounted correctly, but we already put two on the truck, so we know what we are up against.

This weekend will be the Boone County Fair Draft Horse Show and for the first time in many years, I won’t be there to take photos.  However, I usually don’t sell much if anything from this show, so going on vacation with the family is going to take priority this year.  I hope they have a good turnout as it is one of the last shows still running.

Well, see everyone when we get back.  It will be nice to rest a little since I know that starting with the last weekend in August, just about every weekend and several weekdays will be busy with horse photo activities until mid-October.  I hope my camera and my clicking finger can take the strain……


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