As we start August…..

Well, it is almost unbelievable that it is now early in the wee hours of August 2nd already.  As the expression goes, “Where does the time go?”  Yesterday, we have set a record for the most consecutive days over 90(F) in the time they have been keeping records.    First thing you know, it will be winter and we will be begging for warm weather again.  The cycle never stops.

We went down to Dannie Crawfords  over the weekend of July 22-24 to ride and have some fun.  The temperatures at that time were in the mid 90’s (F) with the humidity very high so that it felt like it was 110 (F).  I was suprised at the number of wagons and outriders that showed up for the ride.  We had 11 wagons and carts on Saturday with about 15-20 outriders.  We still had 6 wagons on Sunday which is an unusually high number for a Sunday.  There was a little breeze both days and none of the animals got stressed.  Of course, we took a lot of breaks and most of the teams were mules which seem to handle the heat better than horses.  As usual, Dannie with help from Shelton Morris, had a great dinner for us and he also had the same bluegrass group from last year (with a new mandolin player added) to keep us entertained.  I love bluegrass music, so I sat there until they finally quit playing at dark.  They were quite good, although they are just local players and don’t even have a name for their group.  Overall it was a fun weekend.  Too bad that a lot of others didn’t brave the heat and come out because it was a really great event.

I have finally taken the step that I have been considering for quite some time.  Those of you who know me know that I have a tent that covers the back of my truck and that I  use that tent as my sleeping quarters when I go to take photos at a lot of the events that I cover.  In fact, I am jokingly referred to as the “gadget man” because of all of the things I have accumulated to make my camping weekends enjoyable.  Well, those days are now over.  Last weekend, I had nothing to do and had made some inquiries about various travel trailers and campers listed on Craigs list.  I even checked into a couple of small horse trailers that I thought might be able to be converted to sleeping quarters for me.  Everything I looked at was old and in bad shape or I didn’t get a response from the seller.  Finally on Saturday afternoon, Linda and I went to a local trailer dealer and bought a brand new travel trailer for my use.  The only rule that she gave me was that I wasn’t to use it as a “bunkhouse” or porta pottie for all of the other folks at these events.  She wanted me to keep it in nice shape so that she and I could use it for our joint trips.  We now own a Starcraft AR-One small light weight travel trailer.  It comes with just about everything you could want from air conditioning to microwave to stereo.  In fact, there are no options offered by the company as they feel that it has all you might need or want.  It is only 15 feet long with a drop out bunk in the rear that I may not really need to use.  It weighs in at under 3,000 pounds loaded, so I will have no problem pulling it with my big pick up truck.  Already, I have had inquiries regarding how many it will sleeep.  I now have to figure out how to tell my friends that it only sleeps one person….ME! I look forward to no more wet tents to fold up and no more unloading everything in the truck so I can put up my tent to sleep in.  With the various wagon trains coming up in September where the site is moved daily to accomodate the route, I really hope this will make life a lot easier for me.  Of course the fact that I am now 65 years old and climbing in and out of the truck tent gets harder every year had nothing to do with the decision to make this change.


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