June is almost over already…..

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since I updated the blog.  I went down to Columbiana Farm near Paris, Kentucky on Friday, June 17th for Homer Raders ride.  I got there early in the afternoon and rode around the farm for awhile taking photos of the beautiful grounds and the horses that board there.  It seemed that just about every mare on the farm had a foal at her side.

While riding around, Homer sought me out on his golf cart to give me the news that he had just received a call from Lee Tucker stating that Mike Stroub had been found dead at home in his recliner.  Apparently Mike had not been feeling well  after lunch and had told his crew he was going to the house to rest.  It was quite a shock to me since, while Mike was diabetic, he was only 60 years old.  I had been looking forward to going to his farm for the annual July 4th Party on the River.  Later I found out that it appears that Mike suffered a massive heart attack.  I’m sure that he was under a lot of pressure with the two farms and with Patricia fighting cancer.

The news of Mike’s death along with a lot of rain on both Saturday and Sunday morning made for a rather dreary weekend for me.  We were able to ride both days and enjoyed some of the best scenery that we get to see on our regular rides each year.  I took a lot of photos, as usual.  Homer and Glenda put out quite a spread on Saturday evening with ribs and chicken along with all of the trimmings.

Mike’s layout and funeral service were held on Monday and Tuesday at Ware’s Funeral Home in Cynthiana, Ky.  It had been arranged for Jack Harp to bring his Belgian horses and his wagon to the funeral home on Tuesday to take Mike’s remains from the funeral home to Battlegrove Cemetery, a trip of about 4 miles.  There was quite a long procession of friends and family members that stretched for about one mile behind Jack’s wagon.  I got permission from Patricia and the family to take some photos of the trip.  After the service, we all went to Indian Creek Church where the members had laid out a really nice meal for everyone.  Several folks approached me asking for information about how they could see the photos I had taken.  I handed out my card and have already sent DVD’s of the collection of photos of Mike through the years that I posted as a tribute to Mike on my website, along with photos from the funeral service, to both Patricia and to Mike’s daughter Christy.

After the service, Patricia made it a point to let me know that we were still more that welcome to hold the annual July 4th Party on the River at her farm.  Rob and I had talked previously about changing the “name” for this event to “The Mike Stroub Memorial Party on the River.”  I will be going down to the farm on Friday afternoon and hope to stay until early Monday.  I got some fishing gear out of the boatr when I returned from fishing on Tuesday, so I am ready to go.  Hope to see you there!


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